Vegas Family Event Guide: 5 Reasons to Experience SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Las Vegas

March 31, 2017

Don’t take our word for it! Nannette Melamed of Vegas Family Event Guide ( recently paid a visit to SeaQuest Las Vegas to experience all the interactive aquarium exhibits and activities we have to offer. Though she has many reasons to recommend her readers visit SeaQuest, she narrowed it down to the 5 most exciting facts why families and children of all ages should experience it for themselves. Thanks so much for your visit and the wonderful review of our facility.

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5 Reasons to Experience SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Las Vegas

by Nannette Melamed

Since its opening in December, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium has been taking Las Vegas locals and visitors on imaginative excursions into the ocean, the Amazon rainforest, and the Mayan jungle. Giving you a chance to explore the aquarium and learn about the residents using all five senses is just one reason to visit Las Vegas’ newest family attraction! Here are five reasons why we think you should experience SeaQuest.

Interactive Experience

As they navigate through childhood, children hear the phrase don’t touch and keep your hands to yourself as part of daily life, but not at SeaQuest!  Children experience so much through touch and the opportunity to learn about different animals and ecosystems with all their senses is the special and unique part that SeaQuest brings to our community.

What can you touch at SeaQuest? The better question is what can’t you touch.

Takes Learning Deeper

Science. Geography. Biology. There’s so much more to explore. SeaQuest allows your child to expand their knowledge and opens a world of curiosity. Is your child learning about ocean life in school? Has he or she shown an interest in reptiles?

You can expect to see more than 300 species of animals during your visit to SeaQuest Las Vegas.

It’s Fun

Fish are fun! The features of the aquarium allow children to use and expand their imagination both during and after their visit. From the intricately painted details throughout the 31,000 square feet, to the splashing of the mermaids in Caribbean Cove, to roaming with Mr. Einstein, and enjoying lunch with Lorikeets; there’s something for everyone.

With 8 exhibits before you hit the boardwalk there is lots to experience and so much to imagine.

Always New

Like the oceans and rainforests, SeaQuest is an ever-changing experience. No visit will ever be the same. Our animal friends will grow and change and their habitats will develop to accommodate those needs.

Ask about the shark eggs on your next visit.

Family Bonding

Nothing is better than being together! Experiencing these days together as a family is more than just making memories, it’s building opportunities for conversations and more time together with each other.

SeaQuest is a locally-owned business. The dad who brought us this aquarium is walking along side of us in the parenting journey with three small children.

We recommend purchasing an annual membership, you can do that here, along with options to purchase daily admission and tokens for additional experiences.