Autism Village: Amazing Resource for Families To Find Autism-Friendly Businesses

With 1 in 58 children in Utah having Autism Spectrum Disorder, it’s about time we learned about this tremendous smartphone app – an online “find, rate and locate” resource, much like TripAdvisor or Yelp, that individuals and families can use to find autism-friendly businesses based on reviews and ratings entered by other app users. SeaQuest is proud to accommodate the needs of autistic children and be on the list at AutismVillage! Click here to read the entire article …



Just because Vegas is a desert town doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of sharks (not just card sharks), stingrays, tropical fish, jellyfish and other creatures. Sea life abounds along the Strip and beyond, if you know where to go.

Here are places where kids or burned-out gamblers can take a quick trip to the ocean.


1. SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

This aquarium breathes new life into a 50-year-old shopping mall in the city. More than 30 themed exhibits allow visitors to experiences ecosystems such as the Amazon rain forest, a Caribbean cove, the Egyptian desert and a Mayan jungle.

As its name implies, SeaQuest encourages guests to interact with marine animals, which includes feeding sharks and stingrays.

SeaQuest is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays. Tickets cost $14.95 for visitors 12 and older, $9.95 for kids ages 2 to 11.

Info: SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, the Boulevard Mall, 3528 S. Maryland Parkway; (702) 906-1901

Located a couple of miles east of the big resorts, the Boulevard is hoping to generate new vitality with nonshopping attractions, such as SeaQuest and the Hispanic Museum of Nevada.

2. Polar Journey/Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

This interactive aquarium features a new Polar Journey experience. Visitors recline and watch a dome screen above to travel to the ice caps of Antarctica and to the Arctic to view wildlife.

Admission costs $25 for adults and $19 for children ages 4 to 12. The show remains until February 2018. It’s open 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays to Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Info: Shark Reef Aquarium and Polar Journey, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; (702) 632-4555

3. Silverton Aquarium Las Vegas

The 117,000-gallon aquarium at the Silverton hotel-casino a few miles south on Las Vegas Boulevard has been called the city’s best free attraction.

The tank, located just inside the main entrance, is home to thousands of tropical fish as well as sharks and stingrays. Visitors can catch different activities at different times of the day, such as feeding time and “mermaid” swims. (Swimming mermaids perform on a schedule.)

Info: Silverton Aquarium Las Vegas, 3333 Blue Diamond Road; (702) 263-7777

4. The Mirage

Guests at the Mirage check in while facing a 20,000-gallon saltwater tank filled with 85 different specifies of fish.

The aquarium features a coral reef that’s cleaned two or three times a day by in-house staff who dive in with scuba gear. You’ll find the tank in the lobby, which is open to the public.

Info: The Mirage Aquarium, 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.; (702) 791-7111

Vegas Family Event Guide: 5 Reasons to Experience SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Las Vegas

Don’t take our word for it! Nannette Melamed of Vegas Family Event Guide ( recently paid a visit to SeaQuest Las Vegas to experience all the interactive aquarium exhibits and activities we have to offer. Though she has many reasons to recommend her readers visit SeaQuest, she narrowed it down to the 5 most exciting facts why families and children of all ages should experience it for themselves. Thanks so much for your visit and the wonderful review of our facility.

Click here to read the entire article at the Veags Family Event Guide website …

5 Reasons to Experience SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Las Vegas

by Nannette Melamed

Since its opening in December, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium has been taking Las Vegas locals and visitors on imaginative excursions into the ocean, the Amazon rainforest, and the Mayan jungle. Giving you a chance to explore the aquarium and learn about the residents using all five senses is just one reason to visit Las Vegas’ newest family attraction! Here are five reasons why we think you should experience SeaQuest.

Interactive Experience

As they navigate through childhood, children hear the phrase don’t touch and keep your hands to yourself as part of daily life, but not at SeaQuest!  Children experience so much through touch and the opportunity to learn about different animals and ecosystems with all their senses is the special and unique part that SeaQuest brings to our community.

What can you touch at SeaQuest? The better question is what can’t you touch.

Takes Learning Deeper

Science. Geography. Biology. There’s so much more to explore. SeaQuest allows your child to expand their knowledge and opens a world of curiosity. Is your child learning about ocean life in school? Has he or she shown an interest in reptiles?

You can expect to see more than 300 species of animals during your visit to SeaQuest Las Vegas.

It’s Fun

Fish are fun! The features of the aquarium allow children to use and expand their imagination both during and after their visit. From the intricately painted details throughout the 31,000 square feet, to the splashing of the mermaids in Caribbean Cove, to roaming with Mr. Einstein, and enjoying lunch with Lorikeets; there’s something for everyone.

With 8 exhibits before you hit the boardwalk there is lots to experience and so much to imagine.

Always New

Like the oceans and rainforests, SeaQuest is an ever-changing experience. No visit will ever be the same. Our animal friends will grow and change and their habitats will develop to accommodate those needs.

Ask about the shark eggs on your next visit.

Family Bonding

Nothing is better than being together! Experiencing these days together as a family is more than just making memories, it’s building opportunities for conversations and more time together with each other.

SeaQuest is a locally-owned business. The dad who brought us this aquarium is walking along side of us in the parenting journey with three small children.

We recommend purchasing an annual membership, you can do that here, along with options to purchase daily admission and tokens for additional experiences.

SeaQuest Hosts Mermaid Shannon for Special Guest Performance and Photo Shoot

If you were one of the many lucky people to visit SeaQuest Las Vegas on March 22 and 23, you got a rare and privileged glimpse of Mermaid Shannon performing swim shows and greeting guests from our 45,000 gallon snorkel tank! Mermaid Shannon is a Charlotte, NC based international mermaid performer who has been featured on popular networks such as CNN, Fox TWC & more! IN her own words, it was “fantastic” and everyone had a “splash”! Our HUGE thanks go out to Shannon and her professional photographer for choosing SeaQuest for her Las Vegas debut and sharing these incredible photos of her visit! We can’t wait for her return and encore performances! You can learn more about Mermaid Shannon and her amazing adventures by visiting her Facebook page or website.

Benefiting From the “Aquarium Effect” at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Did you know that a visit to SeaQuest Aquarium can actually be good for your health? Did you know that observing fish can lower your blood pressure and calm you down, whether you’re very young or a bit more mature, and regardless of your health? That’s not just a claim—research supports it.

Since the 1980s, studies have produced evidence for a phenomenon that can be called “the aquarium Yello Tangseffect”: the calming effect of viewing fish in aquarium tanks, reducing feelings of stress, anger, and fear. Something about watching fish go about their routine is so soothing, it actually reduces blood pressure and even stimulates the body to produce endorphins—the body’s “happy hormones.”

The specific benefits vary for different groups of people. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the “aquarium effect” includes reduced aggression and increased food intake. In dental patients, it includes decreased need for pain medication. And in children with ADHD, the benefits include increased ability to focus due to new found relaxation and calmness.

QueenAngelDespite the apparent benefits of the aquarium effect, not all types of health care facilities have increased their use of aquariums to promote relaxation and peacefulness. However, visitors to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium can easily and affordably reap the benefits of watching the numerous types of fish inhabiting the aquarium’s illuminated tanks.

Exciting Group Adventures: The More The Merrier At SeaQuest

We all know that educational trips to the aquarium can be more fun when experienced with a group of friends, so at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, there are special field trip opportunities as well.  For your group of 10 or more, schedule a 60 to 90-minute guided educational tour where you can interact with, touch, and even feed the marine animals, birds, and even some of the reptiles!  Take time to explore the aquarium on your own after the tour, enjoy the exhibits and play areas, or enjoy your own private reserved lunch area for a quiet break before returning to the main aquarium.   Additionally, each child will receive a free souvenir and a free “Admit One” pass for each child to use on a future visit to the aquarium.  If your group is studying something specific, we are happy to customize your tour to fit within your specific subject matter, you just need to let us know in advance of your visit.

scubaSeaQuest Interactive Aquarium also offers a wide variety of other group activities, special events, and enhanced interactive experiences for students and families.  Spend the night at a special, “Sleep with the sharks” event, or suit up for an afternoon of snorkeling with the stingrays.  Summer camp has never been cooler, or more exciting, than spending three days working with Aquarium experts while they feed, clean, and learn first-hand about stingrays, sharks, seahorses, reptiles, birds, and even the giant pacific octopus! Special events are always happening at the aquarium during school breaks and holidays, and all throughout the year.Iguana w Birthday Hat

Rain or shine, SeaQuest Aquarium is an ideal place to come all year long to enjoy learning, playing, spending time with family, and participating in exciting, hands-on, multi-sensory experiences for students of all ages. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up at our website to get email updates. Don’t miss out on fun and learning at this unique facility. You need to “SEA to believe”!

SeaQuest Field Trips: An Exceptional Learning Experience For Kids Of All Ages

Did you know that SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium provides enhanced, age-specific STEM centered field trip adventures for children of all ages?

Younger children will enjoy activities designed to educate while entertaining and inspiring.  For instance, they can go back in time and take a walk with the dinosaurs, learning about their habitats.  Or, they can become junior paleontologists and excavate dinosaur bones in our sand exploration area. They can find the future veterinarian in them with a visit to Dr. Sharky’s Vet Clinic, where they can assist in matching animal pictures to their skeletons in the x-ray laboratory.

Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands on activities designed to test thfieldtripseir observation and scientific reasoning skills.  Classify animals based on their diet, skeletal structure, and habitat.  Learn how omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores have adapted to their environment enabling them to find, hunt, and even eat and digest their food.  Young explorers can also learn through hands-on exploration about vertebrates and invertebrates, and why their skeletal structure is important to their survival.  Finally, with a visit to the Moon Jelly exhibit, students can discover the fascinating world of the jelly fish, how they move, hunt, and eat.  Lori Binfield, educator at SeaQuest Las Vegas, talked to us about these educational tours, “As these young students learn more about the environments and food of these animals, they begin to ask questions about how they can further learn to protect animals and their habitats for years to come, it’s great to see them make the connections.” Binfield stresses that SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is more than a fun and educational trip for students to learn about aquatic and marine life, “We really try to stress conservation and teach concepts that will help students understand the human impact as well.”

Teenage explorers are often difficult to impress, however, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium accepts that challenge.  Teens will be mesmerized by a live bird demonstration, as the trainers work with the many species of parrots who call the aquarium home.  Teens will enjoy learning about animal psychology, and how positive reinforcement is often used to train the birds; don’t be surprised, however, if they try to use the same techniques to extend a curfew.  Teens will be equally impressed with the symbiotic relationships demonstrated at the aquarium.  They can observe remoras living with sharks or clown fish living with anemones. Maybe they won’t mind sharing a room with their younger sibling, or maybe not once they learn about the invasive species which are taking over certain habitats in the wild, like Lionfish, Black Pacu, and the Burmese Python.

SeaQuest Interactive Aqaurium Is An Added Plus For Homeschoolers

Did you know a trip to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium can be an excellent way to supplement your homeschool curriculum? We offer a wide range of real, tactile, interactive experiences, designed to stimulate the brain by engaging the senses in order to help your child better absorb the information being presented. There is an ocean of possibility, with math and science activities appropriate for every age and grade, from pre-k to high school.

The family fun only gets better at the Boulevard Mall!

The family fun only gets better at the Boulevard Mall with the upcoming addition of mini-golf, electric go-karts and laser tag, compliments of Jeff Swanlund, the owner of King Putt in Las Vegas. A new Galaxy Theater also began construction. Special thanks to Roland Sansone and his vision to make the Boulevard a top family friendly destination in Las Vegas!


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