SeaQuest Field Trips: An Exceptional Learning Experience For Kids Of All Ages

March 21, 2017

Did you know that SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium provides enhanced, age-specific STEM centered field trip adventures for children of all ages?

Younger children will enjoy activities designed to educate while entertaining and inspiring.  For instance, they can go back in time and take a walk with the dinosaurs, learning about their habitats.  Or, they can become junior paleontologists and excavate dinosaur bones in our sand exploration area. They can find the future veterinarian in them with a visit to Dr. Sharky’s Vet Clinic, where they can assist in matching animal pictures to their skeletons in the x-ray laboratory.

Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands on activities designed to test thfieldtripseir observation and scientific reasoning skills.  Classify animals based on their diet, skeletal structure, and habitat.  Learn how omnivores, herbivores, and carnivores have adapted to their environment enabling them to find, hunt, and even eat and digest their food.  Young explorers can also learn through hands-on exploration about vertebrates and invertebrates, and why their skeletal structure is important to their survival.  Finally, with a visit to the Moon Jelly exhibit, students can discover the fascinating world of the jelly fish, how they move, hunt, and eat.  Lori Binfield, educator at SeaQuest Las Vegas, talked to us about these educational tours, “As these young students learn more about the environments and food of these animals, they begin to ask questions about how they can further learn to protect animals and their habitats for years to come, it’s great to see them make the connections.” Binfield stresses that SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is more than a fun and educational trip for students to learn about aquatic and marine life, “We really try to stress conservation and teach concepts that will help students understand the human impact as well.”

Teenage explorers are often difficult to impress, however, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium accepts that challenge.  Teens will be mesmerized by a live bird demonstration, as the trainers work with the many species of parrots who call the aquarium home.  Teens will enjoy learning about animal psychology, and how positive reinforcement is often used to train the birds; don’t be surprised, however, if they try to use the same techniques to extend a curfew.  Teens will be equally impressed with the symbiotic relationships demonstrated at the aquarium.  They can observe remoras living with sharks or clown fish living with anemones. Maybe they won’t mind sharing a room with their younger sibling, or maybe not once they learn about the invasive species which are taking over certain habitats in the wild, like Lionfish, Black Pacu, and the Burmese Python.