Benefiting From the “Aquarium Effect” at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

March 21, 2017

Did you know that a visit to SeaQuest Aquarium can actually be good for your health? Did you know that observing fish can lower your blood pressure and calm you down, whether you’re very young or a bit more mature, and regardless of your health? That’s not just a claim—research supports it.

Since the 1980s, studies have produced evidence for a phenomenon that can be called “the aquarium 1211SeaQuestOpens17_t653effect”: the calming effect of viewing fish in aquarium tanks, reducing feelings of stress, anger, and fear (1, 2, 3). Something about watching fish go about their routine is so soothing, it actually reduces blood pressure and even stimulates the body to produce endorphins—the body’s “happy hormones.”

The specific benefits vary for different groups of people. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the “aquarium effect” includes reduced aggression and increased food intake. In dental patients, it includes decreased need for pain medication. And inSeaquest-1-625x763 children with ADHD, the benefits include increased ability to focus due to new found relaxation and calmness.

Despite the apparent benefits of the aquarium effect, not all types of health care facilities have increased their use of aquariums to promote relaxation and peacefulness. However, visitors to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium can easily and affordably reap the benefits of watching the numerous types of fish inhabiting the aquarium’s illuminated tanks.